Bitcoin and Escorts

Bitcoin and Escorts today rely on technology to diversify the way they accept payments.  Many girls still prefer cash as King but allot of the more entrepreneurial types are accepting Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple and other Crypto currencies as a form of payment (Bitcoin and Escorts).  Having technological prowess can play a huge factor in the amount of income an escort can generate in today’s app and digital payment help that could increase the bottom line as many clients want convenience and allot of clients just don’t have allot of cash on hand to do big money transactions anymore and most tech savvy female escorts in New Jersey accept Bitcoin for their services.  It is true that allot of clients are still not that familiar with cryptocurrency middle-aged and older men are still stuck in the credit card age, and not that tech-savvy when it comes to the new stuff such as Zelle, Cashapp, PayPal, Venmo and Bitcoins but as things become more popular it will eventually catch on and why not be ahead of the curve when it comes to your money! Digital payments such as Cashapp/Zelle and Cryptocurrency are slowly replacing cash as a convenient and efficient payment method for NJ escorts an NJ Prostitutes who are up on the latest gadgets and who turn their clients on to these payment methods.  Bitcoin is a favorite for allot of clients because of privacy, and the fact that you are not leaving a paper trail with the Wife or girlfriend etc. Bitcoin is a good way to hide footprint and any financial transactions that the noisy wife might see if you were doing Credit Card transactions.  NJ Bitcoin escorts and NJ Credit Card Escorts is popular in the New Jersey sex trade and is becoming very popular amongst escorts in NJ and Hookers in New Jersey as well as allot of street NJ Prostitutes and Bitcoin is becoming the go-to option when so many credit card escorts are getting charge backs.  With cryptocurrency there are no chargebacks and customers cannot try to ask for refund.  Illicit business usually use bitcoin as a way to stay of the radar of banks and prying eyes BACKPAGE ESCORTS was really big on that.  Uber the ride sharing company is currently accepting Bitcoin debit cards outside of the USA and its very easy to buy Bitcoin and Escorts.


  1. GOTO as you can order a Debit Card once you verify your account / Bitcoin and Escorts.
  2. To Purchase bitcoin, the first thing you should do is to download a bitcoin wallet, which is where your bitcoins will be secured. You can download from or or if you want go to Binance or even or which is an extremely popular platform but does not offer Debit cards in the USA
  3. You will need a Traditional bank account or CC for a payment method to purchase Bitcoin. So, use your credit card, Bank Account / bank transfer (ACH or Wire), debit cards will allow you to buy bitcoins as well on any of the exchanges / then send BITCOIN to your wallet.
  4. bitcoin platforms based in USA will require you to provide photo I.D. and other information so read requested info when your opening account.

New Jersey HOOKERS and Jersey City Escorts are now accepting Bitcoins in NJ and across the Country, so it makes it easier for clients to cheat on their partners without being caught.  Its easy to find your “dream escort NJ” using these new forms of payments.  Crypto is growing bigtime in popularity in new jersey and newjerseyescorts24hrs is currently accepting bitcoin as a form of payment accepting and Bitcoin digital payments will allow NJ clients to pay for escorts in NJ and New jersey adult companionship services in the most discreet way possible.  Want to know where to buy Bitcoin or other Altcoins? then check out for all the info on cryptos.

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