How Much Does An Escort Cost In New Jersey? How Much Does An Escort Cost In New Jersey?
How Much Does An Escort Cost In New Jersey?

How Much Does An Escort Cost In New Jersey?

A. Street walkers will be much less and the bottom of the barrel, usually anywhere between $20-$100…  However, this is the most dangerous way to pick up an escort. These girls tend to be more unattractive, crazy, annoying and full of diseases.
B. Craigslist and Backpage escorts still aren’t upscale but they try to be. These girls usually charge between $100-$200. These look like average girls. Some are kinda nasty and some can be pretty hot. Some of these girls will blur out their face and expose their perfect body, but once they arrive at your door, you realize its not the woman from the pictures. But this is also a shady way to go. is the main source for escorts now, but it is monitored by local authorities.

C. New Jersey Escorts range anywhere between $200-$300 out call and $150 – $200 in-call (Our price range at is $250 out-call / $200 in-call) These women are protected by an upscale agency.  These women tend to be college students or girls next door type that are std free with no drug problems.

D. Super Star Escorts cost between $500-$1000 to meet with them for an hour. Usually these women are well-known models or porn-stars. Some of them are just experienced Pro’s who can charge that much because they look exactly like Jenna Jameson or Megan Fox and they have been doing this for a long time and they have excellent reviews from clients. These women charge this much because they are “famous” in the world of escorts and clients will actually pay this money. Their clientele usually consists of Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods, Jesse James and Elliott Spitzer.


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